Where is the microphone on iPhone 11 ?

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The iPhone 11, like many smartphones, features multiple microphones placed strategically to enhance audio quality and capture in various situations. Understanding the locations and functions of these microphones can help you make the most of your device for calls, recording, and more

Primary Microphone:

The primary microphone on the iPhone 11 is situated at the bottom of the device, next to the Lightning port. This location serves a dual purpose. First, it is the primary microphone for phone calls, enabling you to speak clearly during conversations. Second, it plays a crucial role in capturing audio when you record videos using the device’s camera. Whether you’re filming a family event or creating content for social media, the primary microphone ensures that your videos have clear, high-quality audio.

Secondary Microphone:

Located at the top of the iPhone 11, near the front-facing camera, is the secondary microphone. This microphone is designed primarily for noise cancellation and improved audio quality during phone calls. It works in conjunction with the primary microphone to reduce background noise, ensuring that your voice comes through crisply and clearly to the person you’re speaking with. Whether you’re in a crowded place or a noisy environment, the secondary microphone helps make your calls more intelligible.

Third Microphone (Rear):

On the back of the iPhone 11, near the rear camera module, you’ll find a third microphone. This rear microphone has a specific purpose: improving audio capture when you’re recording videos. It works together with the other microphones to capture audio with greater clarity and reduce background noise. Whether you’re shooting a video of a concert, a nature scene, or a family gathering, the rear microphone enhances the audio quality of your recordings.

These strategically placed microphones are designed to work seamlessly to provide excellent audio quality across various functions of your iPhone 11. Whether you’re making phone calls, recording videos, using voice commands, or engaging in other activities that involve audio, these microphones play a crucial role in delivering the best possible sound experience.

Beyond the primary functions of these microphones, there are additional ways you can leverage them to enhance your iPhone experience:

Voice Memos

The microphones on the iPhone 11 are also essential for the Voice Memos app. This app allows you to record voice notes, interviews, or any audio you want to capture quickly. The multiple microphones ensure that your recordings are clear and of high quality.


When you interact with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, the microphones are vital. Siri listens to your voice commands and responds accordingly. The microphones ensure that Siri can hear your commands accurately, even in noisy environments.

Noise Cancellation

The combination of the primary and secondary microphones also contributes to the iPhone’s noise-cancellation capabilities. When you’re on a call, these microphones work together to identify and suppress background noise, making your conversations more focused and less distracting.


The iPhone 11 boasts multiple microphones placed strategically for optimal audio quality in various scenarios. These microphones work together to enhance your phone calls, video recordings, voice memos, and interactions with virtual assistants like Siri. Understanding the locations and functions of these microphones can help you make the most of your iPhone 11’s audio capabilities, ensuring that your audio experiences are clear, crisp, and enjoyable.

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